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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Smith's Trip!

I am SO excited! I just got home from shopping at Smith's. Look at all the stuff I bought!

Guess how much I spent. My total before they scanned my Smith's card was $240.34. I had $105.16 in savings from my Fresh Values card, including $40 for purchasing 80 items in the Mega Sale. Then I had $49.70 in coupons. My final cost was $85.48 for 96 items, a savings of 65%! Plus, I have to purchase only 2 more Nabisco crackers (I'm waiting for my mom to bring me a $2/2 coupon!) and I can submit for a $20 rebate I received from a coupon booklet they sent out in 2009!

Here's how long my receipt was:

True, there are LOTS of snack foods here, but I plan for them to last me a really long time, and also to use them in creative ways. For example, I got a bunch of the Capri Sun's and I thought they'd be fun to use as Valentine's gifts for my daughter's preschool class, instead of the regular candy they usually get.

The only full price item I purchased was pepperoni. My daughter and husband love to make mini-pizzas out of Rhode's roll dough, and we were running low, so that was a must.

Of course, I shopped the clearance carts in the back of the store again. My favorite find this time was Beneful meals for my dog marked at 50% off, just 49 cents. She's really picky, which is strange for a Basset Hound, and won't eat just plain old dog food. She'll instead hover under our feet and underneath my toddlers' while they're eating, hoping to snag a treat. So we've taken to mixing in moist dog food for her every other day or so to liven things up, and get her to leave us alone while we're cooking and eating. She's gonna LOVE these! I was so excited, I got 12!

I also found another fun dog treat. Purina Beggin' Strips & Canadian Rounds were $2.99, and part of the Mega Sale, so they ended up being $2.49. I found peelies (coupons attached to the product) for $1.00 off of 2 packages of the Strips, and another package had $1.50 off a bag of Rounds when you bought a bag of Strips! So I got all 3 bags for just $5! My pup gets so excited when we open a bag of these!

Unfortunately, they were sold out of the Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cheesecake Middle Cookies. I'm saving my coupons and heading back later this week, since they'll only be $0.19!

Have you shopped at Smith's yet? If so, how did you do?

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