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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm now a Grocery Smarts teacher!

Woohoo! I'm now an official GrocerySmarts teacher! This means I can now teach classes on how to use GrocerySmarts.com, the easiest way to save money on your groceries!

GrocerySmarts.com is a FREE website, and the classes I teach are FREE! I would love to come and teach a class for your church group, mom's group, or just a bunch of friends and family. To view my website, go to www.GrocerySmarts.com and enter g84cji as the passport.

I promise you, if you follow the GrocerySmarts.com advice, you'll save 50-70% or more on your grocery bill!

As a GrocerySmarts teacher, I also get to provide you with the lowest price available for multiple subscription newspapers. Currently, we have a VERY HOT newspaper deal, and it will only be lasting for just a couple more days. I can get you weekend edition of the the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret Morning News for just $39 a year. That's only $0.75 a week! This includes the daily E-edition of the paper, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday papers delivered to your door. You can order up to 2 of each newspaper, so you could get 2 Salt Lake Tribunes and 2 Deseret Morning News papers. Think of all those coupons! You'll easily save that $39 subscription fee in one month of couponing.

If you want to get this hot newspaper deal, please call me at (208) 221-4838 or email me at CashInCache@gmail.com.

I also have deals available for the Herald Journal and other Utah papers. Call me for prices!

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