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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is House Party?

On Saturday, April 17 I'll be hosting a Do the Potty Dance House Party sponsored by Huggies Pull-ups! I'm excited about this party because it means I get to have great friends over and exchange potty ideas with them, and give them COOL FREE stuff from Huggies Pull-ups! If you want to come, please leave a comment!

I also recently hosted a DiGiorno House Party, and it was so much fun to get together and eat pizza and breadsticks with friends, all sponsored by DiGiorno! Plus, everyone went home with several $4.00 coupons!

How did I get so lucky to do this? I applied to be a host on House Party. To learn more about House Party and to sign up so you can start to be a host (it's FREE!), go here. Upcoming events include:

Gerber Generation Celebration House Party
sponsored by Gerber
May 15, 2010

Hasbro Game Night House Party
sponsored by Hasbro
You choose the date, either June 17, 18 or June 19

Soleil® Spread the Sunshine House Party
sponsored by BIC® Soleil® razors
May 15, 2010

McDonald’s® McNuggets® and Shrek Forever After™ House Party™
sponsored by McDonald’s®
May 22, 2010

Bicycle® Playing Cards What’s Your Game?™ House Party ™
sponsored by Bicycle® Playing Cards
May 8, 2010

Breyers® Summer to Remember House Party
sponsored by Breyers
May 22, 2010

2010 French Cocktail Hour
sponsored by French Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries
June 3, 2010

Fresh Taste of Summer House Party™
sponsored by Jarden Home Brands
June 5, 2010

Aquafina Flavor Your Day House Party
sponsored by Aquafina®
May 15, 2010

REMEMBER: Don't forget to invite me if you get selected to host a party. Hee, hee!

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