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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cash in Cache

So I've decided to start another blog, in addition to the one about my marathon training and my personal, private blog devoted to my family (if you'd like to read this one, please email me your address; only good friends and family will be granted access).

Why? Because I've entered the world of coupon clipping and saving BIG money. I want to help other Cache Valley locals find financial freedom by saving money on groceries and household items, clothes, and basically just about everything!

This will require a collaboration of efforts, so I'm asking for your help!

I'm still a fairly newbie on this, but I'm quickly becoming an expert on shopping at Walgreens, Smiths, and Maceys. I'm not just talking about your everyday grocery shopping where you spend way more money than you planned, since you were just headed to the store for a gallon of milk and loaf of bread. I'm talking about how you can change your shopping experience to put YOU in control, and how you can save 70% or more EACH TIME you go to the grocery store!

"What will this cost me?" you might ask. Well, so far all it's cost me is a lot of time and energy and paper for printing coupons.

It won't cost you anything, unless you decide to get a newspaper subscription (highly recommended, but not required), and the paper to print coupons. I'll just be teaching you how to use coupons and sales to maximize your savings and minimize your spending.

What I need help with is finding other great deals in Cache Valley! I can find the grocery store deals, and even big chain store deals (like if Old Navy or JC Penny is having a sale, you can find out about it here). But what about those other things? If you hear about a sale or special on the radio or read about it in the newspaper, please let me know so I can post about it hear! I'm thinkng of things like a free or discounted skating night at the Eccles Ice Center, or maybe a contest for tickets to a USU basketball game. Email the deals you hear about to me at cashincache@gmail.com.

So say you're a business owner, or someone who's trying to earn extra cash. Maybe you play guitar, so you want to start giving guitar lessons during your spare time. Offer a few free lessons as a giveaway on my blog as free advertising for yourself! This is an example. Get creative!

I also need a couple savvy savers to help me manage this blog. I am the mother of two little girls who are demanding on my time. As I already mentioned, I'm training for a marathon, so I have to spend a lot of time running. Also, I'm going to work for Jackson Hewitt as a tax preparer through April 15 in the evenings and on Saturday. Plus I'm the Primary president in my ward! So I'm busy, and my time is limited. I promise to give you my all, but I am very interested in finding a couple of others who are already saving Cash in Cache who can assist with this blog. Email me at cashincache@gmail.com

To get you started on coupon clipping and how to save with coupons, I highly recommend you do what I did. Check out these three sites: www.thekrazycouponlady.com, www.hip2save.com, www.pinchingyourpennies.com. Study their Couponing 101 sections.

If I just gave you these three great websites, why do you need my blog? Well, I'm hoping to make it easier for you. These websites post so many great deals, including Target, Harmons, Winco, Safeway, and many other grocery stores that we don't have here in Cache Valley. Plus, we have many awesome stores in Cache Valley that they don't have, and hence don't post their deals! I'm going to do what I can to collaborate with local business owners to get them to send me their great deals.

So here's my blog! All you need to saving Cash in Cache.

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