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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smiths Managers Specials & Closeouts

So yesterday I was in Smiths and I decided to check out their shopping carts that are loaded with food towards the back of the store. These usually have items in them that are marked down by 50% or more. I got a few nice deals! Always look in these carts to see if you have anything you can pair with a coupon to make an extra good deal. Also check the expiration dates, but this time nothing expired before fall of 2011!
Some things I got included:
  • French's Onions (the kind you use to make green bean casserole) - These were marked down to $2.14, plus I had coupons from a previous Sunday paper!
  • Decorator icing for my baby's upcoming birthday for $1.25 a tube.
  • Natures Valley Granola Nut Clusters for $1.99 (and I used the $1 coupon from coupons.com)
  • Quaker True Delight granola bars for $1.79 (again, I had a $1/2 coupon from coupons.com!)
  • Jeri's BBQ Sauce for $1.49 - I've never had this, but thought it seemed like a good deal!
  • Reynolds Oven Bags (the kind for turkeys or large hams) for $.99 for a box of 2

The following items were also marked down. These weren't in the carts, but clear in the back by the dairy section. There's a table set up off the main shopping route in a little hallway that goes into an employee only section (that sounds kinda creepy, doesn't it?):

  • Small containers of store brand baby formula for $4.99 (regularly marked $9.99) - And no, I'm not pregnant, but these don't expire till fall of 2011, so I couldn't pass it up! You don't get good deals on baby formula very often!
  • Sunscreen SPF 15 for $2.44

As I browsed the store at 10:30 at night, I also discovered they have a lot of items on close-out prices, such as L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Gel for $2.44 (and, you got it, I had a coupon!).

A few weeks ago I also looked in the dairy section across from the milk in one of those coolers in the middle of the aisle. There was Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt and a couple other varieties that were marked down to $0.88! I had a $1 coupon, so that was better than free yogurt!

My point is, look for these unadvertised deals. They can cut your grocery bill way down, even if you don't have any coupons to use.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other stores that have these great finds!

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