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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Walgreens Pepsi & Tostitos Deal!

UPDATE: I found out today that Doritos are NOT a part of the Coors Light rebate, so make sure you only buy Tostitos or Tostitos Dip with your Pepsi purchase at Walgreens! Make sure you read the fine print. If you've already submitted your rebate (like I did!), they'll send you a postcard saying you didn't meet the requirements and give you instructions on how to fix it.

Wow, check out this sweet deal on Pepsi & Tostitos at Walgreens this week!
Buy $20 worth of the following PepsiCo products, get a $10 Register Reward:
  • 12 Pack of Pepsi Products (on sale for 5/$15)
  • 2 Liter Pepsi Products (on sale for 4/$5)
  • Gatorade 32 oz (on sale for 5/$5)
  • Tostitos Chips, Dip, or Salsa 9 to 15.62 oz (on sale for 2/$5)
  • Doritos 11.75 to 14.5 oz (on sale for 2/$5)
  • Stacy's Pita Chips 7.33 or 8 oz (on sale for 2/$5)
  • Lay's Chips 10.5 to 12 oz (on sale for 2/$5)
  • Fritos Dip 15 oz (on sale for 2/$5)
I found peelies (coupons already attached to a product that peel off) on 12 packs of Pepsi products at Macey's a couple weeks ago, and had a feeling there'd be a good sale somewhere soon! So here's the deal I made:

5 12 packs of Pepsi for $15
2 bags of Doritos for $5
Used 2 $1/2 Pepsi coupons
Out of pocket total (including tax) was $18.60
Then a Register Reward printed for $10! For those of you who don't know what a Register Reward is, it's a coupon good for nearly ANYTHING in Walgreens! You can use it on milk, eggs, bread, a toy for the kids, paper for printing coupons... Pretty much anything!

Then when you get home, fill out this Coors Lite Rebate (no beer purchase required in Utah) for $7.50! This rebate form is a pdf that is 4 pages long with 4 different rebates. Just print the rebate for $7.50.

So the total cost for 5 12 packs of Pepsi and 2 bags of Doritos ends up being only $1.10! Even if you can't find the $1/2 Pepsi coupons, you can still get this deal for just $3.10. That's less than 1 12 pack of Pepsi is normally!

There is a $0.55 off coupon when you purchase one bag of Tostitos and one Tostitos Dip from last Sunday's newspaper, but currently Walgreens is sold out of Tostitos. They told me they'd be restocking their shelves on Thursday, so you could get a little bit better of a deal!

For more Walgreens deals this week, check out Hip2Save. Just a heads up, the Wet Ones deal is not available at our Walgreens. Also, keep in mind that if you do the Revlon deal, you only get a $5 coupon good towards any Revlon product, not a regular Register Reward.

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